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The beautiful city of Bergn

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The traveled from Stavanger to Bergen by plane. A SAS - Scandinavian Airlines flight, though expensive, about 100 euro for a 30 min trip, would as much as expensive as taking a bus or boat which would be much longer.

At our arrival in Bergen we went straight to our lodge. Every time getting more popular in Europe we rented a small side apartment at a couple's house through www.rbnb.com. Even though the house was 2 km away to the downtown area - distance always done on foot - and costing us around 100 euro/day, it was the most suitable option for 2 people. Hotels in the central area would easily charge 250-300/day.


Bergen is the 2nd largest city in Norway with 268,000 people. The city was founded in 1070 and was the country's capital in the 13th century. Then, it became a Hanseatic League warehouse and enjoyed commercial privilege among trade between Northern Norway and other nations. Nowadays Bergen is seen as a cultural city as also the gate to beautifyl fjords in Norwegian Western coast area.


Our first day was basically spent getting around the central and touristic area around the Bryggen. This complex of historical wooden made buildings marks the apex of the Hanseatic League in Bergen. It used to be the old warehouse area to load and unload goods, usually fish from Norway, and cereals from Europe.

The Bryggen was declared in 70s as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, in fact, not much was left after many fires during the past centuries. Today, the complex houses museums, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc., with most of its structure though inclined, largely restored. 

The view of the Bryggen from the street
The view of the Bryggen from its front
Inside the Bryggen
Unlike most touristic attractions the Bryggen's entrance is not charged and the visitor may give a spontaneous contribution.


The Floibanen is a little trolley that comes from Bergen's downtown to the top of Floi mountain. It was inaugurated in 1918 and its the most visited attraction in town and one of the top visited ones in Norway - in recent years more than 1 million people did the same.

The attraction in this tour is simply the magnificent view of central Bergen.

The view of Bergen from the top of Floi mountain
The view of Bryggen wharf area from Floi mountain
Norway in a Nutshell

Since we were tight on schedule we had to visit the fjords in an 1-day tour that would mix trains and boats. All done on public transportation since the country's nature is beautiful per itself and transport was provided on top quality service.That, however, should not be understood as cheap prices. The tour cost us around US$ 300/person but it was the only way to catch so many natural attractions in a short period of time. The package is called as Norway in a Nutshell  and can also be booked with stops among the cities.

Available routes
The landscapes were absolutely amazing and show how the Norwegian fjord area is incredible. All the tour was done insided the Sognefjord from Bergen and then ending at Flam where we took a historical train that climbs the mountains until Myrdal, where another train would take us back to Bergen.

Below, pictures of our tour.

Along the way our ferry stopped in many towns where you could possibly go off the boat. We also found a Brazilian guy that was hosted there which would be an option for next time.

As I have previously said, the final part of our journey had a train called Flamsbana, taken as an engineering mark since it takes just 20 km to climb 800 m in height. 

Going up to the mountains there was a huge waterfall in our left side. For our surprise the train stopped and then we could get closer and take some pictures. While our train waited for us, another train went down in a parallel track. That was the solution to make possible that 2 trains could share the same track.

Huge waterfall next to Flamsbana's track
And here our last Norwegian adventure ended as also mine and Cá's journey in Europe. In the next day we went to the airport as she flew to Paris, then Brazil, and I flew to Stockholm, in Sweden.

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